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Over the last 18 years, the U.K. Owner  has taken the time and spared no expense in draining, de  snagging and generally clearing & preparing the lake to create an exciting Carp fishing environment.

Regular netting is  undertaken bi- annually to prevent the build up of 'nuisance' fish & keep the carp healthy.

The lake is a mature clay based area of approx 5.25 acres,with the appearance of an old estate lake & ranging in depth from 3 ft in the shallows upto 7-8 ft at the dam end. The bottom is virtually weed free. 

There are various hard and soft areas throughout the lake bed with an  old silty stream bed running through the middle of the lake, a small island also provides various angling opportunities. Bait boats are advisable to reach some of the overhanging areas where the fish hold up.

8 purpose built swims, 2 of which are sociable doubles, are positioned to give good coverage of the lake whilst not interfering with adjacent anglers. A maximum of 4 anglers are allowed on the lake at any one time, 3 rod limit per Angler.

All swims are covered with wood chip to prevent unnecessary mud and wet in your bivvy during the wetter times of the year.

Most of the originally stocked fish have gone on to spawn and produce fish that are also now resident and established in the lake at around 20-25 lbs.

There are many features such as overhanging trees and an island to fish to from each swim, but dont forget that next P.B. could be just along the tree and bush lined margins!

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